Ecological Monographs Update

30 June 2021

Dear ESA Membership,

Dr. Aimée Classen gave the Governing Board notice of her resignation as Editor-in-Chief of Ecological Monographs, effective December 2021. We thank her for her exemplary service and dedication to Monographs, and to ESA publications. She put her vision into action and strengthened Monographs’ impact to become one of the leading outlets for comprehensive studies in ecology. Under Aimée’s leadership, manuscript submissions impressively increased by 68%. Her astuteness in selecting the most relevant and interesting papers secured its Impact Factor. She leaves the journal in a solid position for future growth.

Upon becoming Editor-in-Chief in 2016, Dr. Classen brought a clear and well-defined vision for Ecological Monographs. She energized the journal and put forth creative ideas for innovation. The entire editorial team has appreciated her effectiveness and efficiency as a leader who brings out the best in people.

The Editor-in-Chief position is demanding— not only must the EiC realize a vision and manage manuscript flows, they must also guide the whole publication process with wisdom and patience. The Governing Board joins me in expressing our deepest appreciation for Dr. Classen’s remarkable leadership and dedication to Monographs and to ESA. We wish her continued success in all endeavors and we look forward to working with her as an active ESA member and colleague in the future.

Dr. Kathleen C. Weathers
ESA President