Help restore Australia’s unique ecosystems and donate now to the Ecological Society of Australia’s Ecosystem Recovery Fund

Dear ESA Members,

Today, I am writing to you regarding the Ecosystem Recovery Fund that the Ecological Society of Australia is launching to help with ecological recovery efforts from the unprecedented fires that have devastated an enormous extent of Australia’s ecosystems. I am sure you have seen the news and are aware of the substantial impact that this tragedy had on ecosystems and wildlife, including many vulnerable and threatened species.

ESA is offering an opportunity to our members to donate directly to the Ecological Society of Australia’s Ecosystem Recovery Fund to support a substantial and sustained response over many years, involving ecological experts, local communities, and public and private institutions. The fund, and your donations, will be used for ongoing, long-term, ecological restoration and recovery of affected unique Australian ecosystems as well as to support ecologists, projects, and communities in fire-affected areas.

Osvaldo Sala
President, Ecological Society of America