ESA SEEDS program receives NSF award

Thanks to a $1.3 million award, DEB-1929524, from the National Science Foundation, the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) SEEDS – Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability – program will be able to build upon the gains achieved in the past two decades to support and retain diverse talent in the ecological sciences through 2024.

Picture of SEEDs students on a field trip.

2016 SEEDS field trip to Archbold Biological Field Station.

ESA SEEDS: Exploring Science and Careers in Ecology will weave career development strategies with culturally responsive mentoring through ecological field trips, leadership meetings, and at the ESA annual meetings for diverse undergraduate students. New in this award will be annual workshops for underrepresented graduate students to enhance critical research skills that have been identified as gaps in graduate programs such as data management, synthesis or translational science.

“Professional societies have a critical role in the public affirmation of diversity, equity and inclusion in science. ESA is really excited to continue developing the voices of students in science and expanding the space where the diversity of people, ideas and perspectives are welcome.  ESA is very grateful for NSF’s support and commitment to a diverse scientific workforce,” said Teresa Mourad, ESA Director of Education and Diversity Programs.

NSF funding will allow ESA SEEDS to study how culturally responsive mentoring, career information flows, and the formation of professional identity interact.

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Picture of SEEDs alum Leandra Gonzalez

“SEEDS has provided me a gateway into ecological research, something that I didn’t even imagine was obtainable for me. I’ve gained confidence as a scientist, as a professional and as an individual thanks to my experiences in this program.”

Leandra Gonzalez, 2017-2018 SEEDS Fellow, Florida International University



Picture of SEEDS alum Kyle Reid“Until SEEDS and the ESA, I did not feel like a real scientist, rather I was some dumb kid from Chicago pretending to know something. With SEEDS I learned we are all in the same boat. We are passionate individuals working through a planet of new challenges trying to find our place in the world and doing a ton of good in the process.”

Kyle Reid, 2015-2016 SEEDS Fellow, University of Illinois in Chicago