Action Alert – FY 2018 Science Funding

Ask your Members of Congress to restore funding for science

Dear ESA Member:

As you may know, President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) budget request sent to Congress cuts research accounts across federal agencies and would devastate America’s scientific enterprise.

We are hearing from Hill staff that they are not receiving comments about the administration’s budget request or specific funding requests from individual scientist constituents. We ask you to contact (email or call) your U.S. Representative and both of your U.S. Senators and request that FY18 appropriations bills restore funding for scientific research – especially for ecological research.

The ecological community is facing unprecedented hurdles to see strong funding for science in FY18. Each of you has an important role as a constituent to let your Member of Congress know how and why strong federal funding for science benefits you, your state, and the nation.

Thanks for your consideration,

ESA Public Affairs Office


Here are some tips to develop a short, concise message.

Step 1. Start with a High Level Talking Point
Example: Our nation’s research enterprise is among the most powerful engines for American prosperity. The proposed FY 2018 Budget would devastate scientific research! One of the consistent areas of bipartisan agreement over the past 70 years has been the importance of the federal government’s role in supporting research and innovation.

Step 2. Share your personal story!
Briefly explain how federal funding has benefited your research and tell how your research contributes to addressing local, state, or federal issues of concern. Note that your work is supported by Agency XYZ and Program XYZ.

Highlight drastic cuts proposed by the administration to key agencies important to you:

  • NSF: $6.7 billion, 11% decrease
  • EPA: $5.7 billion, 31% decrease
  • DOE Office of Science: $4.5 billion, 17% decrease
  • NOAA: $4.8 billion, 16% decrease
  • USDA/AFRI: $349 million, 7% decrease
  • USDA/ARS: $993 million, 22% decrease
  • USDA/USFS: $4.7 billion, 10% decrease
  • DOI/USFWS: $1.3 billion, 14% decrease
  • DOI/USGS: $922 million, 15% decrease
  • DOI/NPS: $2.55 billion, 13% decrease
  • NASA Science: $5.7 billion, 1% decrease


Step 3. Say Thank You!
Thank your Member of Congress for their support for the FY 2017 R&D budget and sustainable funding for our nation’s science and technology agencies. Ask them to continue sustainable, predictable funding and urge them to prioritize these investments and reject the administration-proposed cuts to science as they begin to craft the FY 2018 funding bills.


More resources: An Ecologist’s Guidebook To Policy Engagement

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