ESA endorses the March for Science

RSVP if you plan on participating in the March for Science in Washington, D.C. or in another city.

ESA, the largest society of ecologists in the world, endorses the nonpartisan March for Science. The Society joins over 28 organizations and scientific societies in supporting the mission of the March to publicly communicate science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. The March for Science rally will be held in Washington, D.C., 22 April on the National Mall with satellite activities scheduled at hundreds of locations throughout the United States and the world over.

Said ESA President David Lodge, “ESA is encouraging its members to participate in the March for Science. The 10,000 members of ESA became scientists because they are excited by making discoveries about nature, and embrace the rigorous vetting of information required during the research process. Many of our members are also committed to working on problems important to society, and to communicating our work to the public and policy-makers.”

The Society shares the March principles of the importance of scientific integrity, freedom, and diversity. It also recognizes that rigorous scientific analyses are essential to policy-making.

“We realize that laws of a democratic society must bend to the laws of nature. Though it is often tried, bending the laws of nature to the desires of humans is simply impossible and leads to long-term disaster.  It is our science that reveals how nature works. We want to communicate the excitement and relevance of our science to all members of society. We are committed to making an education and life in science possible for the next generation,” said Lodge.

For Society members interested in marching, ESA will be sharing information on how to participate and is currently assessing how to best provide support onsite at the event in Washington, D.C., and remotely for members marching at satellite events around the world.

“We are supportive of our members who choose to march and also celebrate science during this nonpartisan event. Ecologists sharing science with the public during the rally on the National Mall and at satellite events throughout the world have a unique opportunity to serve as science ambassadors by bridging the span between the lab and the public,” said Katherine McCarter, executive director.