Ecological science communication at the frontier: an #ESA100 workshop

Ecological Science Communication at the Frontiers
It’s that time of the year – time to get your brain into ESA Annual Meeting Mode.

You’re furiously finishing that data analysis in prep for a talk or poster.

You’re checking out the Conference Program and getting your schedule in order.

You’re registering for the meeting and arranging meet-ups with colleagues and collaborators.

How about adding science communication to your meeting preparations? It’s as simple as signing up for Workshop 10854: Communicating Science Vividly.

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Inspired by the rallying call at the 2013 Annual Meeting to better connect our science to society, and the overwhelming enthusiasm for our 2014 SciComm workshop and petition to launch an ESA SciComm Section (done!), we’ve organized another hands-on workshop for attendees of this year’s Annual Meeting.

As we celebrate towards ESA’s Centennial, this workshop moves the conversation forward from talking about why communicating our science is important to improving how we actually do it.

Our workshop targets ecologists, educators, and communicators – those looking to expand their toolbox, and those curious to test the waters of science communication for the first time.

We’re not looking for journalistic masterpieces, and everyone is welcome.

In this workshop, ‘boundary-spanning’ science communicators with expertise in visual communication and creative nonfiction writing will guide participants through a variety of hands-on exercises to build their skills in conveying ecological concepts to broad audiences.

Activities will include visual design and composition, drawing, photography best practices, systems mapping, color theory, messaging, and scene/character development. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify a clear storyline through their own scientific work. Aimed at a specified target audience, this storyline and accompanying visuals will enable participants to share their work in a comprehensible and compelling way.

We’re empowering ecologists to better communicate the stories of our science (including stories about the people doing the science) in creative, compelling and innovative ways. We will give you the tools – and confidence – to engage, communicate, and create!

So what are you waiting for? Include science communication in your meeting preparations and sign up for Workshop 10854: Communicating Science Vividly today!

This is the first of the SciComm Section’s 2015 series on science communication in ecology. Click here to check out our 2014 series!

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We encourage you to join the conversation about science communication at ESA’s 2015 Annual Meeting by following the hashtags #ESASciComm, #scicomm and #ESA2015.