How is ecology viewed and used?

ESA is exploring how ecology relates to other scientific disciplines. One expression of this exploration is the invitation to scientific practitioners and researchers in related disciplines to become members of ESA. And we want to know what you think.

Over the last sixty years, teachers and pundits of all types have used the following quote from Robert A. Heinlein, Farmer in the Sky, Bees and Zeroes, page 121.The trouble with ecology is you never know where to start because everything affects everything else.

Often, the quote is the launch into an explanation of what the writer, teacher or other communicator thinks ecology is. Did Heinlein mean that ecology is not understandable Or, did he mean that understanding ecology demands that you understand everything else there is to know about biology What does understanding ecology or a lack thereof mean for other disciplines?

What is your take on ecology? We’d like to know more about how ecology is viewed and how ecological science is used. Please post your thoughts.

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Contributed by Fran Day, ESA Director of Development