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FY 2012 DOE Budget Request to Congress


The following documents reflect the Department of Energy's Budget Request to Congress:

Detailed Budget Justifications.


If you have trouble reading the text of the budget materials, click here for tips on making the text more readable.

The budget files are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF. You may not be able to view the files properly if you are using Acrobat Reader Version 5.0 or earlier. For optimal viewing, download the latest Free version of Acrobat Reader by clicking on this link ( or copy/paste the link into your web browser.


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Agency Performance Plan Supplement

DOE Performance Plan Supplement


Summary Budget Documents

Budget Highlights A high-level narrative summarization of the Department?s budget request.

Summary Table A short summarization of the request by appropriation account and by first tier organization.

Control Tables A longer summarization of the request at the decision unit level. It is available in order by appropriation account or in first tier organization order.

Statistical Table Shows the budget request at the level at which Congress controls our spending. In most areas, it is more detailed than the Control table.

Laboratory Table Summarizes funding by decision unit and by the laboratories at which DOE does work.

State Table Summarizes funding by decision unit and by each State at which DOE does work.


Detailed Budget Justifications

Energy and Water Development Appropriations

(Volume 1)  National Nuclear Security Administration

Office of the Administrator

Weapons Activities

Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation

Naval Reactors


(Volume 2)  

Other Defense Activities

Departmental Administration

Inspector General

Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program

Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program

Better Building Pilot Loan Guarantee Initiative for Universities, Schools, and Hospitals

Working Capital Fund

Energy Information Administration

Safeguards and Security Crosscut



(Volume 3)  

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

Energy Transformation Acceleration Fund

Fossil Energy Research and Development

Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve

Ultra-Deepwater Unconventional Natural Gas


(Volume 4) Science


(Volume 5)  Environmental Management

Environmental Management



(Volume 6)  Power Marketing Administrations

Southeastern Power Administration

Southwestern Power Administration

Western Area Power Administration

Bonneville Power Administration



(Volume 7)  

Nuclear Energy

Defense Nuclear Waste Disposal/Nuclear Waste Disposal


Tips for Making the Text more Readable

While we have designed the format of most of the budget material to be readable when viewed on screen, you may still find it difficult to read some of the text that is presented in landscape orientation. Try some or all of the tips below to make the text larger and clearer. (If the reason it is unclear is the content of the text, rather than its appearance, these tips may not help.)


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