Facilitating Engagement

Connecting ESA members with agencies that require ecological knowledge and expertise

Panel on Vegetation Classification

The Science Office provides staff support for the ESA Panel on Vegetation Classification. The Panel provides impartial scientific expertise to public, professional, and private partners in support of the development and use of the National Vegetation Classification Standard, a scientifically credible national vegetation classification system, adopted in 2008 as a federal standard by the Federal Geographic Data Committee.

    The Panel’s goals are to:

  • ♦ Advance the application of the National Vegetation Classification Standard;
  • ♦ Advance quality assurance of the data in the national vegetation classification;
  • ♦ Support the application of the national vegetation classification to management and conservation objectives;
  • ♦ Foster and coordinate research in vegetation classification; and
  • ♦ Promote understanding of North American vegetation classification information and its importance to the national and international community.
Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

IPBES, established in 2012, is an international organization that seeks to strengthen the role of science in public decision-making on biodiversity and ecosystem services. It primarily does this by identifying information necessary for policy makers and conducting global and regional assessments. ESA is working to promote engagement with IPBES by U.S. scientists.

The Earth Stewardship Initiative

The science of earth stewardship requires interdisciplinary collaboration among many natural and social sciences, including climate, earth, and ocean science, environmental sciences, ecology, psychology, sociology, political science, and anthropology. ESA, in partnership with other academic societies, agencies, and non-governmental groups, seeks to foster earth stewardship. For more information, please visit the ESA Earth Stewardship Initiative website.