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Scientists’ Speakers Bureau

Together with faith community leaders and other scientific collaborators, ESA is launching a Scientists’ Speakers Bureau for Outreach to Faith Communities.

The speakers bureau aims to:

  1. provide better access to reliable and timely scientific information to meet the demand of faith communities for access to good science and good scientists;
  2. empower mutually beneficial dialogue and exchange between scientific and faith communities for the sake of Earth stewardship;
  3. provide resources to help scientists who are members of faith communities to offer their expertise within those communities, and to provide resources and structure more generally to help scientists connect with faith communities for quality science outreach.
Currently, you can check out the list of SSB speakers, some of which feature in-depth profiles.
The next event in the genesis of the Scientists’ Speakers Bureau for Outreach to Faith Communities is the speakers bureau workshop on Thursday, August 8, 2013, in Minneapolis, MN (click here for more information).
Greg Hitzhusen is the coordinator of the Scientists’ Speakers Bureau. You can contact him using the following form:
Scientists' Speaker Bureau

Scientists' Speaker Bureau