Inouye reflects on ESA Centennial year tenure, international ecological society partnerships

140923-David-Inouye-with-flowersDavid Inouye has worked on topics related to pollination biology, flowering phenology, plant demography, and plant-animal interactions such as ant-plant mutualisms, nectar robbing, and seed predation. Since 1971, he has spent summer field seasons at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) in Colorado. This past August, he completed his service as President of the Ecological Society of America. In the podcast, he reflects on highlights of his tenure as president, including participating in Climate Science Days on Capitol Hill, presiding over ESA’s Centennial meeting in Baltimore, as well as his collaborations and outreach efforts with the international ecological community.

For more concerning international collaboration on ecological issues, see the accompanying post on Ecotone.

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