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Team science techniques for highly effective teams

Ecology is becoming an increasingly collaborative science, as seen in part by the increasing number of authors on ecology publications. As an early career ecologist, you’ve probably already worked in at least a few, and maybe many, collaborative research teams, whether your collaborators came from within your lab group, or institutions around the world. You’ve probably also already realized that…

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Photo Credit: Chris Sanderson

Reflections of a white, male, European researcher on unconscious gender biases in academia

or “Who the hell am I to talk about this issue, anyways?!” Late last year, I was asked to write a blog for the Early Career Ecologist Section of the ESA, and I initially chose to focus it on a rather controversial topic: gender bias in academia. Now, the truth is that I’ve been a bit hesitant to get my…

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How can early career ecologists encourage diversity in our field?

As a professional society and a generation of early career ecologists, I’d argue that collectively we’re more aware of the importance of diversity than ever before. ESA has a diversity statement, dedicated diversity staff, and multiple programs focused on maintaining and improving a diverse community of ecologists. And with good reasons – our community’s own traditional currency, published peer reviewed…

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