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The Plant Population Ecology Section (PPE) is an interactive group that promotes research, teaching, and communication.   Each year PPE funds travel awards to student section members presenting at the Annual ESA Meeting and presents the “Postdoctoral Excellence Award” to recognize an outstanding recent publication in the PPE field.  PPE awards and social mixers are funded through section dues and monies raised through PPE’s Silent Auction at the Annual ESA Meeting. Exciting recent work by our young members is regularly showcased on our website and through social media. Come join and network with other enthusiastic plant population ecologists!


Chair: Nicole Rafferty (University of California Riverside)

Vice-Chair: Matt Koski (Clemson University)

Secretary-treasurer: Nick Barber (San Diego State University)

To learn about the history of the PPE Section and read interviews from ESA’s Centennial Celebration, click here

Past Plant Population Ecology section officers

Year Chair Vice-chair Secretary-treasurer
2017-19 Jean Burns Nicole Rafferty Nick Barber
2016-17 Lynn Adler Jean Burns Nick Barber
2015-16 Lynn Adler Jean Burns Aldo Compagnoni
2014-15 Janette Steets Lynn Adler Aldo Compagnoni
2013-14 Janette Steets Lynn Adler Rachel Spigler
2012-13 Amy Angert Janette Steets Rachel Spigler
2011-12 Amy Angert Janette Steets Roberto Salguero-Gomez
2010-11 Sam Scheiner Amy Angert  
2009-10 Juliana Mulroy Sam Scheiner  
2008-09 Deborah Overath Juliana Mulroy  
2007-08 Anna Sher Deborah Overath  
2006-07 Tiffany Knight Anna Sher  
2005-06 Christopher Ivey Tiffany Knight  
2004-05 Randall Mitchell Christopher Ivey  
2003-04 Rebecca Irwin Randall Mitchell  
2002-03 Tia-Lynn Ashman Rebecca Irwin  
2001-02 Allison Brody Tia-Lynn Ashman  
2000-01 Gordon Fox Allison Brody  
1999-2000 Sharon Strauss Gordon Fox  
1998-99 Jeffrey Conner Sharon Strauss  
1997-98 Candace Galen Jeffrey Conner  
1996-97 Andrew Stephenson Candace Galen Gordon Fox
1995-96 Steven Handel Andrew Stephenson Gregory Cheplick
1994-95 Diane Marshall Allison Snow Gregory Cheplick
1994 Diane Marshall