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Outstanding Poster award

2023 Call for Nominations for the Outstanding Poster Award

Undergraduate or graduate students and recent M.S. or Ph.D. recipients (within 2 years of receiving the degree) are eligible for this award.

To be considered, you must meet the following requirements:

1) The poster must result from research done as a student and be in the area of disease ecology.

2) If there are multiple authors, the applicant must be the first author.

3) The poster must be presented at the 2023 ESA meeting.

4) At the time of the application deadline, the applicant must be a student or have received their degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) within the past 2 years. Graduate students or recent degree recipients can either be section members or be advised by a section member; undergraduates can either be section members or be advised by a section member.

Posters will be judged by the Awards Committee appointed by the Officers of the Disease Ecology Section. Both an undergraduate and graduate student poster award will be selected; winners will receive a certificate and a $50 prize. The work will be judged based on the contribution to the field, including originality, study design, methods and analysis, and impact.

A complete application packet should include: 1) A PDF of the poster that will be presented at ESA’s annual meeting. DEADLINE: August 1 st , 2023 2) A brief advisor statement stating the poster primarily represents the student’s own work and ideas, confirming the eligibility of the applicant (either stating date of completion of the degree if the applicant is no longer a student or verifying that the applicant is a current student).

Letters may be sent separately from the poster. DEADLINE: August 1 st , 2023 Applications should be submitted electronically as a PDF. The applicant may choose to send a single PDF, or two files can be sent, one from the applicant including the poster, and one from the advisor with the eligibility statement. Send files to the Disease Ecology Gmail account ( with the subject line “Best Poster Award_ [Applicant Last Name]”.

The winner will be notified after the ESA meeting via email.


Previous winners:

2020: Daniel Suh

2019: Miranda Strasburg & Mayra Poterek

2018: Lisa Couper & Nichole Laggan