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The purpose of this Section shall be to promote research and education regarding epidemiology, evolution, and ecology of host-pathogen and host-parasite (hereafter referred to as host-parasite) interactions and disease. This shall include:
  1. Encouragement of research regarding the ecology of parasites and pathogens
  2. Fostering interactions among ecologists with interests in host-parasite and disease ecology
  3. Facilitating collaborative links among members through symposia, organized oral sessions, special sessions, and social events
  4. Promoting the integration of host-parasite and disease ecology into the general study of ecology
  5. Cross-fostering studies on interactions between microbial, animal and plant hosts and interactions with their parasites
  6. Educating scientists and the general public regarding the pivotal role parasites and pathogens play in ecological systems.

The Section shall act as a liaison among investigators, practitioners, societies, and other groups interested in these subjects, including but not limited to the One Health Initiative, EcoHealth Alliance, and the American Society for Parasitologists.

Want to read our bylaws? Here you go!

Section officers:

Chair Sarah Budischak

Vice Chair Ana Bento

Webmaster  Clay Cressler

Secretary-Treasurer: Nina Wale

Student Liaison: Briana Betke