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workshop prep

#Sketchyourscience a hit at #ESA100…so what?

#sketchyourscience at #ESA100 settled it. This will be an #ESASciComm tradition for years to come! — CommNatural/BGMerkle (@commnatural) August 17, 2015 At ESA’s annual conference/meeting (#ESA100) our section had a booth at which we encouraged folks to sketch their science. We were blown away by how many people enthusiastically did so.

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#ESA100 SciComm Socializing

Next week’s theme: mmixxx, mix, mix, and mingle! If you aim to connect with fellow SciComm buffs and advocates, you will have loads of opportunities at #ESA100. Of course, there’s the SciComm Section workshop, “Communicating Science Vividly.” We’re also curating a list of SciComm-related activities being held throughout the annual meeting. And on an informal note, there are a few SciComm-specific…

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Save the date: 3 conference activities to launch the new ESA SciComm section

  We’re delighted to confirm approval of a new ESA section devoted to Science Communication! Click here for complete details, including section by-laws. Three important dates to note (all taking place during the 2015 annual ESA meeting) are as follows:

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Multimedia SciComm Resource Guide

This resource guide is meant to inspire and empower – not only are there great examples, but we’ve provided practical advice about why, how, and when each media type can help you get your message across. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License. Please review the license terms before reproducing. Our instructors and contributors…

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Workshop prep: Arrive prepared

Thanks for joining the fun! We are very intentionally offering a ‘tapas’ style taster of different ways you could communicate your science, and there will be a strong emphasis on storytelling. We want you to walk away with a sense of the unique strengths of these different media for powering science communication, and to develop some sense of preference for what you might…

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