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#MySciComm: Tatiana Eaves on making the jump from science to science writing and editing

This week, Tatiana Eaves responds to the #MySciComm questions!  Tatiana is a biologist, photographer, and freelance science writer living in the Washington D.C. metro area. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology, with a concentration on ecology and evolution, from Appalachian State University and minored in Geographic Information Systems. She currently writes for Ricochet Science and the Ecological Society of…

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Book cover: Writing Science in Plain English

SciComm Lit Review: Skylar Bayer reviews “Writing Science in Plain English”

I feel like I have found a reference to keep on my shelf for the rest of my career […] In fact, after reading Writing Science in Plain English, I want to go back and edit every journal article I have ever written. ~S. Bayer What is the reviewer’s motive (expertise, curiosity, sharing lessons learned, etc.) and perspective (research scientist,…

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#SciComm resource round-up

#ESA2016 is in full swing, and #ESASciComm is a big topic this year. Between our smashing success #upgoESA Ignite session…. UM GUYS, #upgoESA was TRENDING on the Twitters! #scicomm FTW! #ESA2016 — Holly Menninger (@DrHolly) August 9, 2016 …and our dynamic interactive scicomm workshop… Great #scicomm workshop & feedback on my outreach writing at #ESA2016 Thx to C.Hart @DrHolly…

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Ecological SciComm at the Frontier

It’s that time of the year – time to get your brain into ESA Annual Meeting Mode. You’re furiously finishing that data analysis in prep for a talk or poster. You’re checking out the Conference Program and getting your schedule in order. You’re registering for the meeting and arranging meet-ups with colleagues and collaborators. How about adding science communication to…

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