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Resource of the Week: The Dangers Of Hidden Jargon In Communicating Science

Image: screenshot from the article Excerpt from the article: “…the most dangerous kind of jargon isn’t the kind we notice. It’s the kind that slips by. When technical definitions hide behind words we use in everyday speech, the opportunities for miscommunication abound. The expert thinks she has been clear; the recipient thinks he has understood. And yet, both could be…

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Resource of the Week: “This article won’t change your mind and the facts on why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs”

Image: screenshot from the article Listen to the audio version This article delves into scientific explanations for the truth in this quotation (in the article): “A man with a conviction is a hard man to change,” [Leon] Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schacter wrote in When Prophecy Fails, their 1957 book about this study. “Tell him you disagree and he turns away….

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#MySciComm: You’re gonna need a bigger online outreach strategy: How Dr. David Shiffman uses social media to teach the world about sharks

This week, Dr. David Shiffman responds to the #MySciComm questions!  *Editor’s note: David is available Wednesday, August 29, 2018 (the date of publication) to answer questions you may have about what it’s like to be a science communicator, how he got into it, and sharks, of course! Connect with him in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook (use #MySciComm so…

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Photo of a cream-colored mushroom growing out of bright green earth. There is a backlight/halo effect around the top of the mushroom. The text reads: Create Something. Nominate yourself for office: Chairperson-Elect or Secretary! #ESASciComm | #EngageESA.

Wanted: You! Nominations now open for 2018-2020 chair-elect position

(Photo by Bethann Garramon Merkle, ©2018) As we mentioned in the April newsletter, nominations are now open for the next Communication and Engagement Section chairperson-elect. If you are looking for a way to enhance your scicomm skills while contributing to others’, this is a fantastic opportunity. It’s also a great way to learn more about how ESA governance works, at multiple…

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A line of colored pencils, one in each of the common colors on the rainbow spectrum. Text on the image reads "#MySciComm in 2018."

MySciComm: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Welcome to the 2018 #MySciComm Series! We’re excited to kick off the new year by celebrating what the #MySciComm Series became in 2017. We launched in February 2017, and were able to feature 27 publicly engaged scientists and science communicators. Their back stories celebrated and talked candidly about the diverse entry points and skill sets that epitomize scicomm and public engagement…

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Resource of the Week: SciComm Training Resources from SciFund Challenge

Excerpt from the SciFund classes web page detailing the free and not-free options they offer: “Interested in getting ahead in your scientific career? Interested in engaging the wider world with your research? Better communication is the key for both and SciFund Challenge has the classes that can help you to achieve your goals. SciFund Challenge is the communications department that…

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#MySciComm: Annaliese Hettinger on loss, childhood, and finding meaning in scicomm

This week, ESA SciComm Section Secretary, Annaliese Hettinger, responds to the #MySciComm questions! Photo courtesy of Annaliese Hettinger Annaliese Hettinger is a marine ecologist and science communicator based at Oregon State University. She holds a PhD in Ecology from the University of California, Davis. Annaliese serves as a Science Communication Fellow at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. She is also the Communications Officer…

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#MySciComm: Megan Litwhiler on museums as a stepping stone to scicomm

This week, Megan Litwhiler responds to the #MySciComm questions! Megan is a scientist turned science communicator. After finishing her PhD in bird ecology, and a brief stint at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum, Megan moved on to her current role as a Research Communications Associate at the Museum of Science in Boston. When she’s not science communicating, she’s hanging with her daughter or birding…

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#MySciComm: Bethann Garramon Merkle on merging art and science to enhance scicomm

This week, Bethann Garramon Merkle responds to the #MySciComm questions! Bethann is an artist, writer, instructor, editor, and consultant who blends visual storytelling and science communication. She’s also a SciComm Section co-founder, the section chair-elect, and our webmaster. She is passionate about a) integrating drawing into education, research, and communication efforts, and b) the role stories play in shaping public…

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