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SciComm Lit Review: Sophia Burke reviews “Don’t Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style”

“If you have become frustrated, as I have, with the lack of action and public support of climate change research and proactive policy, this book will be an eye opener.” ~S. Burke   What is the reviewer’s motive and perspective?  I am a fourth year PhD student at the University of New Hampshire studying the effects of climate change on…

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Book cover: If I understood you would I have this look on my face?

SciComm Lit Review: Josh Silberg reviews “If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?: My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating”

“In many ways, Alan Alda represents an archetype of one type of audience member that people try to reach with their science communications. He is a non-expert. He’s interested in a range of scientific topics from health to psychology to ecology. He is exceptionally curious. If this sounds like one of your regular target audiences, then this book is for…

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Book cover: Writing Science in Plain English

SciComm Lit Review: Skylar Bayer reviews “Writing Science in Plain English”

I feel like I have found a reference to keep on my shelf for the rest of my career […] In fact, after reading Writing Science in Plain English, I want to go back and edit every journal article I have ever written. ~S. Bayer What is the reviewer’s motive (expertise, curiosity, sharing lessons learned, etc.) and perspective (research scientist,…

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Book cover: Talk Like TED

SciComm Lit Review: Jennifer Purrenhage reviews “Talk like TED: The 9 public-speaking secrets of the world’s top minds”

When I first read this book, I was so inspired that I set out to transform every lecture in my Gen-Ed course into a TED talk. ~ J. Purrenhage What is the reviewer’s motive (expertise, curiosity, sharing lessons learned, etc.) and perspective (research scientist, educator, science communicator, etc.)?  I am a scientist and a science educator. As a lecturer in…

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Announcing new SciComm/Engagement Lit Review series!

Our SciComm/Engagement Lit Review series launches this week! The Lit Review series features contributed reviews of books and other scicomm and engagement resources. Reviews provide unique content about lit that has direct or indirect relevance to the wide range of scicomm careers, approaches, and interests of Section members. We seek SciComm/Engagement Lit Reviews (book review-style), and we welcome co-authored reviews.

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