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You’re planning an #ESA2018 session related to communication and/or engagement? Let’s coordinate!

We’re spearheading a multi-section/committee coordination effort. The aim is to help ensure great attendance at, and wide-ranging coverage of topics relating to, comm & engagement sessions at #ESA2018. So we’d love to know: Are you planning a session that in some way relates to themes of communication and/or engagement? Such themes include (but aren’t limited to): policy/public affairs, skill-building, science…

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#MySciComm: Sarah Chevalier Prather on curating science-exhibit research and development for interactive science museums

This week, Sarah Chevalier Prather responds to the #MySciComm questions! Sarah Chevalier Prather is a Museum Consultant who earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Emory University and a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University.  After graduate school, Sarah forged a path into the world of exhibit research, development, and evaluation in interactive science and children’s museums.  She lives in…

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#MySciComm: taking a break for #ESA2017

We’re taking a break from the MySciComm series while we focus on the ESA annual meeting. If you’re in Portland, check out our awesome list of Section-sponsored and other SciComm happenings. Whether you’re in Portland or following the conference from afar, we’ll be posting meeting-related updates and session live-tweets in several places: here on our blog on our Facebook page…

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Reminder: SciComm Section biz meeting & meet-up

Please do join us for this meeting! We’ll be discussing how to spend the section’s money (your membership dues), nominees for next year’s officers, how to engage members (you!) in section projects throughout the year, and more! The business meeting is planned for Tuesday, August 8, 6:30-8:00 pm, in OCC room E142. More details: Join us for a brief engaging (we…

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The power of stories: two #ESA2017 events on Wednesday (8/9/2017)

Science is a part of everyone’s life and everyone has a story. The best available science tells us that for most audiences, stories are more interesting, understandable, convincing, and memorable than evidence‐focused communications. Yet scientists are unfamiliar with this literature and rarely share their work using a narrative style. Two events at #ESA2017 offer exposure to and practice with telling…

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Prepping for #ESA 2017? Handy tips & links re social media #scicomm (tips, ESA policies, plus ok/not ok icons)

We thought we’d share a couple of handy notes re social media #scicomm at #ESA2017 next week, starting with the ESA social media policy for this year’s conference. The official hashtag is #ESA2017). Use #ESASciComm if you’re joining/tracking along with the SciComm Section. #ESA2017 Social Media Policy Highlights: NO photo, video, or audio recordings during scientific sessions (talks and posters) unless you are…

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#ESA2017 SciComm activities (a long list)

Of course, the SciComm Section is hosting sessions! We have 2 workshops, 2 storytelling sessions, 3 mixers, a business meeting/meet-up, and #SketchYourScience all lined up! We’re especially excited about the following: If you’re looking for even more SciComm at the conference, quite a few sessions caught our attention. SciComm-related sessions are listed on our website, here, according to type: Social/Business, Workshops, Ignites,…

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IMPROV Your Science: A, #ESA2017 Workshop Building Skills for Effective Communication (SS-3, 8/7)

Start the Annual Meeting off right and join us for a fun and interactive session. Our workshop will focus on building and practicing skills to strengthen public speaking, adaptability, listening, and teamwork. We will provide participants with tools to improve all forms of oral communication, from conference presentations and public lectures to meetings with policymakers and journalists. Why Improvisation? Scientists…

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