Skylar Bayer

Headshot of smiling woman with short hair and ball capI am a scientist and storyteller, communicating through performance and audio that science touches every corner of humanity. 

I am a marine ecologist, science communicator, producer at The Story Collider, and currently a policy fellow. I completed my Master’s in Biological Oceanography in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program, then went to University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center to complete my Ph.D. in Marine Biology in beautiful mid-coast Maine. In regards to my research, I am very passionate about bivalves, ecology and population dynamics, and I’m not afraid to share it. I produced a podcast,The Striclyfishwrap Science Radio Hour for several years, where I interviewed scientists about their research. The show is on hiatus during my policy fellowship until 2019. I continue to share my passion for science communication through storytelling, blogging, and other outreach activities

Fav. scicomm:The Story Collider, Radio Lab, Ocean Science Radio, Scientific American, The Atlantic (most articles authored by Ed Yong).

Roles: Policy Section Liaison, Online Editor