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Gina Errico

Gina is a community forest ecologist with a passion for science communication. Currently she is studying how the introduction of fungal pathogens from coffee plantations are affecting the growth and survival of tree seedlings in the nearby tropical forest community through her Master’s program at Oklahoma State University.

As both a scientist and science communicator, Gina has collected stories from the farmers and foresters who own and work at her field sites, which she plans to share along with her Master’s research, to the broader public. She recently finished a fellowship with the Stem Advocacy Institute where she worked on developing an app idea to teach kids the scientific method in a fun and engaging way to inspire lifelong learning.

Gina received her BS in Biology from The College of New Jersey in 2020. She plans to pursue a career in science communication and public engagement when she completes her Master’s degree in spring 2023.

You can stay up to date on Gina’s work by following her Twitter and checking out her website and blogs.