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Bethann Garramon Merkle

Bethann_head shotI blend images & word craft to communicate why science & sustainability matter.

I am an artist, educator, and science communicator passionate about the role stories play in shaping public perspectives of ecology, natural history, and sustainability. Recently, I’ve done visual communication projects, freelance journalism, and science communication and ‘sketching for scientists’ trainings for scientists across the country and entities ranging from Parks Canada, The Nature Conservancy, and Harvard Forest to community-scale initiatives. In my day job, I am an illustrator, writer, and educator with the Wyoming Migration Initiative.

Fav. scicomm: Science Borealis; Radio Lab#sciart on Twitter; Entomologist Carly Tribull’s explanation of how she balances research and creating science comics
Online: & @CommNatural 
Roles: Past Chairperson (2018-2019); Chairperson (2017-2018); ESA Committee on Diversity & Education (2017-2019); Designer/Webmaster (2014-present); Secretary (2015-2016); Section Co-Founder