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Ajisha Alwin

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As the ESA Communication and Engagement Section’s Student Liasion, my goal is to encourage DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice) among the students of the community and to help make resources more accessible and engaging for students from diverse backgrounds.

I am an incoming Immunology/Microbiology PhD student at the University of Florida College of Medicine starting Fall ’21 and I currently am a researcher with the Karst Lab studying the host-pathogen interactions of the norovirus.

I work with ESA as a research investigator analyzing skills learned from undergraduate field research experiences and compare them to the skills employers expect for entry-level positions in field ecology/biology.

I am also the current ESA Student Section Marketing/Outreach Director and the head of ESA’s newly formed Student Services Program.

C&E Section Role: Liaison between Communication & Engagement Section and Student Section