Resource of the Week: Join the new online research community ‘Visual Arts in Science Education’

Photo of hand holding magnifying lens, with text that reads: "Join a Visual SciComm Research Community!" Hashtags beneath the main image read: #VisualSciComm  |  #VisualizingScience  |  #SciArt | #SciOfSciComm

Jennifer Landin, a scientific illustrator and NC State professor, has launched an online group focused on research on the use of visuals/art in science education. She aims to connect and create a community across the art, communication, science, and education fields.

VASE (Visual Arts in Science Education), with the goals of: 1) sharing ideas among researchers and practitioners in an open, supportive environment, 2) encouraging data collection and use when implementing visuals in science education, and 3) disseminating data as it relates to science visuals.
If you are interested in joining the group, please follow the instructions below.
Even if you’re NOT interested in joining the group, please consider who you know who may be interested, and share this message with them.
To join:
2. This will generate a “Join Request” email to you. In the email, there is a blue “Join Request” button – DO NOT PUSH IT! Instead, just click “reply”, then send.
3. This will generate a notice for Dr. Landin to approve.