Resource of the Week: COMPASS on “How to Build Better Presentations”

Image: screenshot from the article

COMPASS‘s mission is: “to help scientists effectively share their knowledge in the public discourse and decision-making. We provide practical support for scientists to engage without compromising the accuracy of their science.”

In addition to the trainings they offer, they also suggest resources, such as this list of suggestions on “How To: Build Better Presentations.”

As with any #scicomm, there are a range of opinions, and when you run into conflicting advice, it’s worth having a look at a broad array of sources to make a decision. The COMPASS better presentations post we linked to above (in this post), suggests using dark backgrounds. Note that we posted last week about not using light text on dark backgrounds, in order to ensure your web pages and presentations are visually accessible to all audience members. We recommend you refresh on that if you’re weighing what kind of backgrounds to use for your next web project or presentation.