Prepping for Social Media at #ESA2018: Tips & links to ESA policies, ok/not-ok icons, and more


Like we did last year, we’re sharing some tips for using and doing social media for #scicomm and #sciengage efforts at #ESA2018. The conference launches the first weekend of August, and the official hashtag is #ESA2018. Use #ESASciComm and/or #EngageESA if you’re joining/tracking along with the Communication & Engagement Section and discussions, sessions, and more on C&E topics.

ESA 2018 annual meeting code of conduct

See the full code of conduct here.

ESA 2018 Social Media Guidelines

See the full guidelines here.

#ESA2018 Social Media Policy Highlights:

  • NO photo, video, or audio recordings during scientific sessions (talks and posters) unless you are a registered journalist or have arranged approval with the presenter and the ESA meetings director in well in advance of the meeting. Sketching is an approved alternative.
  • Photography is allowed at social events, in public areas, and at plenary sessions.
  • Social media is opt-out for tweets discussing content of presentations. Scroll to the bottom of this post for handy icons you can use to indicate whether you’re okay with folks discussing your slides or poster on social media. ESA recommends you post an opt-out icon on every slide of your presentation that you do not want shared.

The rest of this post is recycled from last year, when we shared tips for including images while adhering to the no-photo policy. Keep reading for details and tips.

Want to have visuals for your tweets, but feeling stymied by the no-photos policy? Try sketching.

ESA confirmed a couple of years ago that sketchnotes are a preferred alternative to taking photos, in and beyond sessions.

Social media is awash with visual notes from other science conferences. Many of these sketches were inspired by an American Fisheries Society Fisheries magazine article penned by  Natalie Sopinka (@phishdoc). Natalie’s article succinctly distills several science illustrators’ advice for making meaningful and satisfying sketchnotes.

Want more details? See this post we published jointly with ESA’s EcoTone blog during the 2015 conference. For sketching tips, open the post and search for “Try it yourself.”

Social/new media (Twitter, Facebook and others) is op-out.

That means “the default assumption is to allow open discussion of ESA presentations on social/new media.” If you do not want people discussing/live-tweeting, etc., your talk or poster, ESA recommends you include opt-out icons on every slide or on the poster somewhere visible. 

Here are a few opt-in and opt-out icons we’ve found or created. You’re welcome to use them. Click on individual images to download and use them for your presentation and/or individual slides. Note that the most likely platform people will be using is Twitter, so if you’re space constrained, you may opt to use just the Twitter icons.