Resource of the Week: Targeting messages for your conference audience

Image: screenshot from the article

Looking ahead to #ESA2018, we thought this resource might be handy!

From the article: “…whether you have a town meeting, a public talk, or an upcoming event […] you still don’t have to default to the ‘general public!’ What do you know about the kind of audience the organizers are trying to reach?  What kind of flexibility do you have with the format (is it possible for you to start with a short discussion or some quick temperature-taking questions)? Even just arriving early and getting to know the people in the room a little can give you some insight.”

They also suggest:

  • Get a snapshot of who’s in your audience right at the outset.
  • Plan for some time for discussion, and capture it.
  • Adjust plans according to what you find out from the previous points.

See the whole article for details about how to do all this.