Resource of the Week: “Lady Science” journal (resource & publishing opportunity)

Lady Science screen shot

Image: screenshot from the website

Lady Science is an independent magazine that focuses on the history of women and gender in science, technology, and medicine, and provides an accessible and inclusive platform for writing about women on the web. The editors write, “In the spirit of the lady scientists of the past, as we work to recover their complex and complicated lives, we investigate, critique, and challenge the oppressive structures of institutionalized science that lady scientists faced in the past and those that persist even today.”

The content on Lady Science well worth the read. They also offer a great publishing opportunity. See below for details.

Lady Science “Write For Us”:

“We publish two well-researched and reviewed articles on women and gender in the history of science, technology, and medicine in our monthly issue, which are paid and published in syndication with The New Inquiry. To get an idea of the type of material we publish in our monthly issues and if we’d be a good fit for your work, browse our issue archive. We also publish personal essays, pop culture criticism, takes on news and politics, and more on our blog throughout the month.

To write for their monthly issue, fill out their pitch form. To write for their blog, send a pitch to!”