#SciComm resource round-up

#ESA2016 is in full swing, and #ESASciComm is a big topic this year. Between our smashing success #upgoESA Ignite session….

…and our dynamic interactive scicomm workshop…

…inspiration and discussion about #scicomm is trending. And, there’s more scicomm to come throughout the week!

We’ll be re-capping on this blog, ESA’s EcoTone blog is going to town with #ESA2016 scicomm highlights, and PLoS Ecology Reoporting Fellows are going to be writing up the week, live. Plus, there’s a cosmos of science blogging that happens all the time, and many great bloggers are in attendance at this year’s conference.

To help maintain the momentum, here’s a blogging-centric scicomm resource smorgasbord:

Also, because scicomm and good images are a synergy we love to see, here are some image credits resources:

Did we miss something? Please share your favorite #scicomm blogging & image credit resources in the comments!