Contributor Guidelines


The Communication and Engagement Section blog posts feature multimedia scicomm and engagement projects, book reviews, ESA conference reflections, and lots more. If you want to know when new content and tips are posted, visit the blog home page, scroll to the bottom, and subscribe!

Contributors wanted for the #MySciComm series, the Lit Review series, and general posts. See sidebar (or footer if you’re using a mobile device) for details.

General expectations/considerations for potential contributors:

  • The audience is fellow scientists and SciComm/Engagement practitioners.
  • Posts average 750-1,000 words, and we ask for at least one image (which could be a photo, scan of a hand-written or drawn image, etc.). We ask for documentation of your right to reproduce the image, if it is not your own image.
  • Be sure your pitch has a SciComm/Engagement angle, and be sure to indicate your motive for writing (expertise, curiosity, sharing lessons learned, etc.).
  • Specify an anticipated draft submission date in your pitch.
  • We share our content with ESA’s main blog EcoTone. At their discretion, they post some of it, contingent on contributor approval, of course!
  • All pitches and drafts are subject to editorial approval and editing at all stages of the publishing process. You can anticipate between one to several rounds of editing for your piece. You will likely work with one or more of our blog editors. So, please anticipate there is potential for a bit of a time investment as we hone your piece together. And, you can feel free to start with a rough idea, if that feels most feasible. We’re happy to read rough drafts and help you hone it. We invest in editing this way, because we ascribe to the philosophy that writing is thinking, and thus, iteration and revision are essential aspects of compelling and engaging writing.

How to contribute:

Bethann Garramon Merkle is the blog editor and fields all pitches. Please submit your pitch, questions, etc. via our contact form.

Image credit: Wokandapix, CC0 license