#Sketchyourscience a hit at #ESA100…so what?

At ESA’s annual conference/meeting (#ESA100) our section had a booth at which we encouraged folks to sketch their science.

We were blown away by how many people enthusiastically did so.

All that #sketchyourscience fun in one place

One of our co-founders, Bethann Garramon Merkle (@commnatural), pulled together a Storify (basically a blog post of tweets culled from everyone who was tweeting at #ESA100) that curates twitter activity related to#sketchyourscience and #sciart. Images are interspersed with twitter quotes and tweets about data pointing to myriad benefits of sketching, doodling, etc. for research, learning, and engagement.

Click here to view that Storify.

A few interesting themes

A few interesting themes also emerged as she pulled all this together, and she’s delved into them in more detail on her own blog. These include “why we shouldn’t be surprised that ecologists are good at #sketchyourscience,” but also, “why isn’t #sciart more of a ‘thing’ at ESA?” Check that out here!

SciArt sleuthing: help us solve the attribution mystery

One unexpected aspect of the fabulous volume of sketches generated was that we weren’t totally consistent with how the sketches were annotated and signed. So, we’re in the process of scanning and putting together a gallery of the sketches. If you know you sketched, please let us know what yours looks like. If you’re not quite sure, we’ll be posting that gallery, so you can help us out in a few days.

Ultimately, we’d like to use these sketches, but with attribution!