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The C&E Section Empowers Ecologists to

a) professionalize science communication and engagement efforts and b) mentor ecologists interested in trying or learning skills, enhancing comm and engagement efforts, or transitioning to #scicomm and #scienceengagement careers.

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Welcome to the ESA Communication & Engagement Section!

"Moving from why we communicate science to improving how we do it"

What we are

The C & E Section empowers ecologists to better communicate the stories of our science (including stories about the people doing the science) in creative, compelling and innovative ways.

What we do

The C & E Section works toward two central goals: 1) professionalizing science communication efforts within and beyond ESA and 2) providing mentorship to ecologists interested in trying out, or transitioning to careers in, science communication.

Why we do it

A vibrant Communication & Engagement community exists within ESA - the C & E Section was founded to recognize, support, and celebrate this. C & E present powerful opportunities within science careers and beyond. There are diverse entry points and skillsets, and the C & E Section is here to help you figure it out.

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