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The C&E Section Empowers Ecologists to

a) professionalize science communication and engagement efforts and b) mentor ecologists interested in trying or learning skills, enhancing comm and engagement efforts, or transitioning to #scicomm and #scienceengagement careers.

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Welcome to the ESA Communication & Engagement Section!

"Moving from why we communicate science to improving how we do it"

What we are

The C & E Section empowers ecologists to better communicate the stories of our science (including stories about the people doing the science) in creative, compelling and innovative ways.

What we do

The C & E Section works toward two central goals: 1) professionalizing science communication efforts within and beyond ESA and 2) providing mentorship to ecologists interested in trying out, or transitioning to careers in, science communication.

Why we do it

A vibrant Communication & Engagement community exists within ESA - the C & E Section was founded to recognize, support, and celebrate this. C & E present powerful opportunities within science careers and beyond. There are diverse entry points and skillsets, and the C & E Section is here to help you figure it out.

Our Work

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Annual Meeting Governance, networking & trainings

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#MySciComm Series
Communicator back stories

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Literature Review / Resource Series

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ESA Governance Working for inclusion & equity at all governance levels

Connect with other ecologist-communicators today via our #MySciComm series!

Twitter Feed @ESA_SciComm

#MySciComm Series

Connect with other ecologist-communicators today via our #MySciComm series! Explore the series


  • Resource of the Week: Teaching Science Communication

        C&E Section leadership co-facilitated a discussion around teaching science communication as part of ESA’s Water Cooler series. Follow this link for a list of valuable resources.        

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  • Announcement: New Chair-Elect, Elizabeth Cook

    Image of a smiling person looking directly at the camera

    Receiving only one nomination for this role, we are delighted to introduce to you the C&E Section’s new Chair-Elect: Dr. Elizabeth Cook. Elizabeth’s nomination is posted below, so you can get to know her better. She will assume the Chair-Elect role in August, when Bob Newman (current chair-elect) transitions into the role of Chairperson and Kirsten Schwarz moves into the…

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  • NEW: Awards for Science Communication from C&E Section

    Recognition of important work matters.  Since our inception, the Communication and Engagement Section has intended to offer awards to recognize the intellectual, scientific, and civic contributions made by ESA members active in public engagement and science communication.  For years, our section has worked toward being able to put money, and the credibility of a professional society, into our efforts to…

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  • Resource of the Week: We Rep STEM + Juneteenth

    We Rep STEM “believe[s] science is for everyone and […]want to celebrate everyone in the field — NOT just the loudest people in the room. This website aims to celebrate STEM minorites — people of colour, professionals with disabilites, members of the LGBTQ community, Indigenous researchers, women of all races, scientists in niche areas of expertise — and everyone in between.”…

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  • Black Lives Matter (first posted 6/3/2020)

    Yellow background. IMage of a raised, black fist at left of image. Test reads: Black Lives Matter. Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

    This statement was first distributed to our members via our monthly newsletter, issued 3 June 2020. We are posting it here for posterity, and to hold ourselves accountable to continued efforts toward justice and equality in the spheres we have influence. Dear Section Members & Friends, We write to you today in solidarity with and affirmation of our fellow Black…

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  • Resource of the Week: Using Storytelling to Counter Misinformation in Science Communication

    Black and white drawing of many animals (parrot, eagle, monkey, goose, dodo, pelican, owl, dove, duck, ground squirrel, crab) and young girl (Alice in Wonderland) listening to a mouse tell a story

      C&E Section leadership co-facilitated a discussion around storytelling and misinformation as part of ESA’s Water Cooler series. Follow this link for a list of valuable resources on the intersection of storytelling, emotion, misinformation, and science communication.        

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  • Nominate Yourself for C&E Section Chair-Elect!

    Raise your hand, sign up, and contribute your vision to the Communication & Engagement Section as an officer! Nominations for Chairperson-elect are open, according to the following schedule. March 15-April 15: nomination period (Submit your self-nomination here!) April 16-30: voting period May 1: announcement of elected officers Annual meeting: transition from current to newly elected officers Elected officers are encouraged…

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