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Workshops Available from Sound Solutions for Sustainable Science

This provider offers six (6) approved virtual professional development workshops focused on communicating scientific knowledge and data analysis. Starting in 2024, S4’s workshops will be on demand. You can sign up and S4 will schedule the event as soon as the required number of participants is reached. Details for each one will be posted on S4’s website in advance of each workshop.

Workshop CEU Category CEU Value
Data Analysis Workflow Series Fundamentals of Data Visualization I(a) 0.3
Basics of Data Management I(a) 0.3
Introduction to Scientific Computation I(a) 0.3
Communicating Scientific Knowledge Series Fundamentals of Writing Abstracts I(b) 0.3
Creating Scientific Posters I(b) 0.3
Crafting Oral Presentations I(b) 0.3


Each workshop is independent of the other two. Any of the three can be taken by itself.

Why these workshops?

Scientists need to communicate their research, but effective communication is rarely taught in science courses. Like any other skill, communicating science is best learned and refined through practice, feedback and critique, and more practice. The three workshops in our Communicating Scientific Knowledge series introduce participants to three key types of formal scientific communication: writing abstracts, creating and presenting posters, and crafting and presenting oral talks.

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