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Professional Development Calendar

Check this calendar for upcoming events presented by ESA and our approved providers. On-demand recordings, such as from this library of past ESA webinars, are also worth CEU.

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    October 1, 2022
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Approved Courses

R (for Ecology) by Luka Negoita
This provider offers:

Yale Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative (Yale School of the Environment)
This provider offers a year-long certificate program, Tropical Forest Landscapes: Conservation, Restoration & Sustainable Use, as well as other online-only and field events. Follow their schedule and our calendar for a full list of opportunities.

One excellent tool for finding webinars and seminars, conferences and other events is the Ecology Seminars website/newsletter managed by Jonathan Clegg. It includes virtual events and in-person, from hour-long presentations to week-long conferences.

What Else Do You Want to See?

We want to make sure that we’re making your professional development relevant and accessible — if there are particular subjects that you want to see ESA cover, or organizations we should partner with, or even just generally think out loud about continuing education in ecology, use this form to let us know!

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