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How to Report Your Continuing Education

All certified ecologists are encouraged to report CEU they earn on a regular basis, to ensure accuracy and to facilitate tracking by staff. This primer will show you how to report and submit information to ESA.

Access the Reporting Tool

Sign in to your ESA account.

Your account record should open. Click on the “My CEU Records” tab. 

Record Completed CEU

Click on the plus sign (+) icon.

A new window will open so you can add your activity’s information. The name, date(s), host organization, the CEU category this activity belongs to, summary, and quantity of CEU reported for the activity are required fields (marked with an *). There is also an optional field to upload documents.

Remember to sign the acknowledgment by selecting “Yes” to the and click the “Save & Close” button.

The activity will appear on the list titled Continuing Education Records.

You may edit and/or delete any of the events/activities by clicking on the corresponding icon on the right side of the panel.

CEU Activity and Time Conversion Table

For all other activities specific to Categories II, III, IV, & V, please refer to the Continuing Education Requirements. Many activities in these categories have discrete values.

Categories I**, II, III, IV
Time CEU
1 hour 0.25
30 minutes 0.125
1 hour 30 minutes 0.375
4 hours 1
Category V*
Time CEU
1 hour 0.5
30 minutes 0.25
1 hour 30 minutes 0.75
4 hours 2

*Only Categories I and V have minimum CEU requirements.

**At least 50% of all units reported in Category I must be earned through activities provided by organizations other than ESA.

For more information on the CEU categories and examples of activities for each, please access the Continuing Education Requirements Framework.