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Registration Closes: Silviculture Alternatives for the Pacific NW

Course start date Get started immediately! Course content will be accessible upon enrollment. Registration period Registration for this virtual workshop series will remain open through December 31, 2023 at 11:55 pm ET unless notified otherwise.

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Course Start Date: Capture-Mark-Recapture II (ONLINE)

Dates: Begins June 5, 2023 This course builds on and extends the scope of the questions, data types, and analytical methods covered in the Introduction to Capture-Mark-Recapture course.  In particular, we will go into depth on spatially-explicit methods, including mark-recapture and mark-resight models, their underlying assumptions, and more advanced applications such as explaining variation in density patterns and developing long-term…

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Course Start Date – Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation (ONLINE)

Sea turtles are a charismatic and ecologically important, yet imperiled, group of marine reptiles. This course introduces students to these fascinating and complex animals through lectures and class discussions. Topics include life histories, physiological adaptations to marine life, homing and navigation, nesting, ecological roles within the ecosystem, sea turtles in human culture, and conservation. ESA CEU: included for FREE DATES: June…

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Generalized Linear Models (ONLINE)

Dates: Begins June 1, 2023 Generalized linear models are widely used throughout ecology and wildlife management, as they allow us to analyze a wide variety of data, including counts, proportions, and continuous measurements such as length and weight. Being able to fit and interpret these models in R is a basic requirement for modern quantitative ecology. We cover Poisson and…

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