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Directory of Certified Ecologists Information Submission

We thank you for your choice of ESA’s certification as a professional credential. As this program evolves, we hope to make better use of the Directory of Certified Ecologists as a way of highlighting certified ecologists to public individuals who may be seeking the services of professional ecologists. So it’s important that we have fully up-to-date information about you to share! Please take a moment to fill in the form below with as much information as you are comfortable sharing.

Directory of Certified Ecologists Submission Form

Directory of Certified Ecologists Submission Form

Please select the service(s) you provide (select all that apply)
Please select the scientific field(s)/discipline(s) that you specialize in (select all that apply)
Your business address
Your business address
Zip/Postal Code
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB

As your employment or professional information changes, make sure to keep ESA informed! You can return to this form and re-submit information at any time (notifications are sent to staff), update your electronic records with ESA, or even just shoot an email to