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Courses Available from the Center for Wildlife Studies

Logo of the Center for Wildlife StudiesThis provider offers virtual and live, in-person courses relevant to the biological sciences, physical sciences and math, ecological modeling and statistics, and other topics of use to a professional ecologist. The schedule of offerings rotates over the course of the year, so please visit CWS’s website if you do not see courses that meet your needs on our calendar.

CWS Courses Approved for CEU

Our Board of Professional Certification reviewed the syllabi for the following courses and approved their use for CEU. Courses not yet offered by CWS at the time this table was compiled may count as well; contact to confirm.

Ecologists certified by ESA who are also ESA members receive a 10% discount on registration fees for these courses. Certified ecologists who are non-ESA members receive a 5% discount. ESA members qualify for a 5% discount (and up to 10% in 2022 if they register for in-person full week attendance at the Annual Meeting in Montreal!). Contact for instructions.

Additionally, CWS courses have been approved for 1-3 semester credit hours of qualified coursework that can be used to meet the minimum education requirements in either Biological Science or Physical and Mathematical Science


Educational Requirement Course CEU Category CEU Value
Biological Sciences
Sea Turtle Ecology & Conservation (Online) I(a) 4
Sea Turtle Ecology & Conservation (Field) I(a) 4
Plant Identification for Wildlife Biologists I(a) 4
Plant Community Assessment I(a) 4
Physical & Math Sciences


GIS Series (4 courses)
Introduction to Spatial Analysis in QGIS I(a) 4
Introduction to Remote Sensing in QGIS I(a) 4
Geospatial Modeling with QGIS and R I(a) 4
Drone Data Analysis and Visualization I(a) 4
Quantitative Ecology Series (6 courses)
R Boot Camp for Ecologists & Wildlife Biologists I(a) 4
Introduction to Ecological Modeling in R I(a) 4
Introduction to Occupancy Modeling I(a) 4
Model Averaging in Ecology I(a) 4
Introduction to Capture-Mark-Recapture I(a) 4
Climate Time Series Analysis I(a) 4
Bayesian Statistics in Ecology I(a) 4
For CEUs Only

Microplastic Pollution and Ecotoxicology I(a) 4
Open Standards V 4
Wildlife Chemical Immobilization (Field) I(a) 4
Wildlife Chemical Immobilization (Online) I(a) 4
Writing for Researchers I(b) 4
Camera Trapping I(a) 4
Transdisciplinary Human-Wildlife Conflict Management & Resolution (Online) I(a) 4
Conservation Dogs (coming Fall ’22) I(a) 4