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The objective of this Chapter shall be to encourage education and research, to sponsor meetings for the communication of ecological education and research activities, to facilitate access to the Society for graduate students, and to provide scientific information to those interested in the ecology of Canadian ecoregions. The Canada Chapter shall be a subdivision of the Ecological Society of America and shall be governed in all of its operations by the Constitution and Bylaws of that Society.

Complementing the general objective established in the bylaws:

  1. The Canada Chapter will serve as a conduit with the ESA Governing Board and Council;
  2. It will assist Canadian students and post-docs to attend the ESA Annual Meetings
  3. It will encourage the participation of Canadians within ESA activities;
  4. It will promote activities along the ESA mission, such as the development of ecology as a science, education and dissemination of ecological knowledge;
  5. It will serve as a link between ESA and relevant Canadian professional societies;
  6. It will enhance the visibility of ecological knowledge in Canada
  7. It will promote the exchange of ideas and research collaborations in Canadian ecoregions.