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Press Releases — Page 32

David Lodge Named President of the Ecological Society of America for 2016-2017

Monday September 26, 2016: David Lodge, Director of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, became President of the ESA on August 12, 2016. Elected by the members of ESA for a one-year term, he now chairs ESA’s governing board, which establishes the Society’s vision, goals and objectives. Lodge brings a background of collaboration with economists, historians, theologians and philosophers, and he has partnered with such organizations as The Nature Conservancy to bring his scientific work into public policy.

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In a race for Cheetos, magpies win, but crows steal

Black-billed magpies and American crows, both members of the clever corvid family of birds, have adapted comfortably to life in urban and suburban communities. In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the two species often nest nearby each other in backyards and parks. Nesting near their much larger crow cousins affords magpies a margin of extra safety from a common enemy—ravens, an even larger corvid species. Do magpies pay a food penalty for nesting near larger rivals? To find out which of the two corvids were more intrepid snack scouts, Esposito presented breeding pairs with a set of Cheetos challenges. She will present her results today at ESA’s 101st Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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