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External Press Releases — Page 4

Gauging Western Wildfires

New research led by UC Santa Barbara and the University of Washington looking at the longer-term future of wildfires under scenarios of increased temperature and drought, using a model that focuses on the eastern California forests of the Sierra Nevada, finds that there will be an initial roughly decade-long burst of wildfire activity, followed by recurring fires of decreasing area.  

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Nitrous oxide emissions, coming from legume cover crops, manure, can be reduced

by Jeff Mulhollem, Penn State University August 2, 2021 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The application of manure after the growth and demise of legume cover crops in rotations is a recipe to increase nitrous oxide releases during ensuing corn growth, according to a team of Penn State researchers who conducted a new study. They suggest that innovative management strategies are…

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New report: State of the science on western wildfires, forests and climate change

(August 2, 2021) A team of scientists have produced a synthesis of the scientific literature that lays out the established science on climate change, wildfire and forest management for seasonally dry forests. The three-paper feature gives land managers and others across the West access to a unified resource that summarizes the best-available science on how to manage their landscapes.

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