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Heidi Swanson

On the “Island of the Blue Dolphins,” a glimmer of hope for a rare fox species

(August 23, 2021) – The San Nicolas Island fox, a subspecies of the Channel Island Fox only found on the most remote of California’s eight Channel Islands, is at a low risk of extinction, new research published last week in Ecosphere shows.

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Food systems, emerging contaminants, traditional ecological knowledge and more at the 2021 ESA virtual Annual Meeting

On-demand talks and posters at the ESA 2021 virtual Annual Meeting are now available for viewing; the live plenaries, panels and Q&A sessions will begin on Monday, August 2, 2021.

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When resistance is futile, new paper advises RAD range of conservation options

(July 8, 2021) – New paper by federal, state and academic researchers from across the United States offers guiding principles for deciding whether to resist, accept or direct ecosystem changes like sea-level rise, desertification and lake warming.

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