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Heidi Swanson

ESA Selects 2022 EEE Scholars

The Ecological Society of America is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 cohort of the ESA Excellence in Ecology Scholars.. The scholarship program seeks to support and elevate diverse scientists in the ecological community.

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Video footage provides first detailed observation of orcas hunting white sharks in South Africa

A new paper published in Ecology presents the first direct evidence of orcas killing white sharks in South Africa, with video footage captured by both a helicopter and drone pilot.

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Canned salmon dating back to 1970s shows that marine mammals face increasing risks of intestinal parasitism

(August 3, 2022) – Cans of salmon processed between 1979 and 2019 reveal that whales and dolphins have become increasingly likely to consume prey containing parasitic worms that can cause acute gastritis in marine mammals.

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ESA research news: March 31, 2022

(March 31, 2022) – Polygynous cranes, fungus-farming ants, light pollution impacts on migrating birds in Central America, and more in the Ecological Society of America’s journals.

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