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Alison Mize — Page 6

Ecological Society of America announces 2017 award recipients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, 1 March 2017 Contact: Liza Lester, 202-833-8773 ext. 211, gro.asenull@retseLL   The Ecological Society of America (ESA) will present the 2017 awards recognizing outstanding contributions to ecology in new discoveries, teaching, sustainability, diversity, and lifelong commitment to the profession during the Society’s Annual Meeting in Portland, Ore. The awards ceremony will take place during the Scientific…

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Climate, human activities, and increasing timber prices have affected the number and total area covered by forest fires in Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell Nature Reserve throughout history. This image shows a pine stump showing wounds after forest fires in 1590 and 1631 (lower slab), and in 1684 (upper slab). In total, the forest scientists collected 459 wooden samples like these, with all together 745 fire wounds spanning 254 different forest fires. Photo credit: Jørund Rolstad, NIBIO.

Fire-scarred trees record 700 years of natural and cultural fire history in a northern forest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday 1 March 2017 Contact:  Lars Sandved Dalen, NIBIO, on.oibinnull@nelaD.sraL Liza Lester, ESA, 202-833-8773 ext. 211, gro.asenull@retseLL       Until the modern era, the human mark on the northernmost forests of North America, Europe, and Asia was light. Human populations in these challenging environments were too small to make a big impact through agriculture or timber…

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Ecological Society of America announces 2017 Fellows

RELEASE DATE: Monday, 6 February 2017 Contacts: Liza Lester, 202-833-8773 ext. 211, gro.asenull@retseLL; Julia Marsh, 202-833-8773 ext. 224, gro.asenull@ailuJ; Alison Mize, 202-833-8773 ext. 205, gro.asenull@nosilA   WASHINGTON, DC – The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is pleased to announce its 2017 Fellows. The Society’s fellowship program recognizes the many ways in which its members contribute to ecological research and discovery,…

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David Lodge begins term as ESA president for 2016-2017

David Lodge, Director of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University, became President of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) on August 12, 2016. As President, Lodge now chairs ESA’s governing board, which establishes the Society’s vision, goals and objectives. “The need is greater than ever for rigorous scientific information about the dependence of humans on nature, and…

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