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Alison Mize — Page 23

February 1, 2013

 Sources:   ClimateWire, Energy and Environment Daily, E&E News PM, Greenwire, the Hill, National Marine Fisheries Service, Natural Resources Defense Council, POLITICO, Senate Budget Committee, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Washington Post, the White House                                …

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January 18, 2013

 Sources:  AAAS, BlueGreen Alliance, ClimateWire, Department of Interior, Energy and Environment Daily, E&E News PM, Fish and Wildlife Service, Greenwire, the Hill, POLITICO, the New York Times, Roll Call, the Washington Post

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Conservation scientists look beyond greenbelts to connect wildlife sanctuaries

Landscape corridors and connectivity in conservation and restoration planning   We live in a human-dominated world. For many of our fellow creatures, this means a fragmented world, as human conduits to friends, family, and resources sever corridors that link the natural world. Our expanding web of highways, cities, and intensive agriculture traps many animals and plants in islands and cul-de-sacs…

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