UW’s Joshua Lawler named fellow of Ecological Society of America

by Michelle Ma, University of Washington

Joshua Lawler, a University of Washington professor in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, has been named a 2021 fellow of the Ecological Society of America. Fellows are elected for life, and the honor recognizes scientists who advance or apply ecological knowledge in academics, government, nonprofits and the broader society.

Lawler’s research centers on how climate change can drive shifts in plant and animal distributions, and the impacts those shifts have at both the species and ecosystem level. He also studies how climate change affects people, and the ways in which human health, climate and the environment are connected.

In addition to his research and teaching, Lawler leads the Nature and Health initiative, a member organization of UW EarthLab. The initiative seeks to understand the benefits of nature contact to human health and well-being, and translate that understanding into programs, practices and policies that benefit all people.

Read more: https://www.washington.edu/news/2021/03/29/uws-joshua-lawler-named-fellow-of-ecological-society-of-america/