Jennifer Sunday named Early Career Fellow by the Ecological Society of America

by Neale McDevitt, McGill University

Jennifer Sunday has long had an affinity with the natural world and a lifelong interest in solving problems. “I have always been interested in nature, and – thinking back – in logic and puzzles,” says Sunday, who has combined those passions in her research to better understand the impact of climate change on marine species.

Sunday’s work has been garnering a lot of interest and support. Last year, she earned a Genome Canada Grant, was named an Alfred P. Sloan research Fellow and was named to the list of the world’s most-cited researchers.

Last week, Sunday was named an Early Career Fellow by the Ecological Society of America (ESA). The ESA announced its 2021 class of Fellow and Early Career Fellows on March 25.

Sunday, a William Dawson Scholar and Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, was honoured “for contributions to understanding the relative roles of climate, physiology, and species’ interactions upon biogeographical ranges and changes in biodiversity; and for advancing understanding of ecological change and climate change responses using analyses of biogeography through time and comparative traits.”

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