PhD student selected to talk to Congress about science funding

By Adriana Aumen, Washington State University

Photo courtesy of Milica Radanovic.

A doctoral candidate in the School of Biological Sciences at Washington State University, Milica Radanovic is among 23 graduate students selected nationwide by the Ecological Society of America (ESA) to speak with Congress about the importance of funding scientific research.

As a winner of ESA’s Katherine S. McCarter Graduate Student Policy Award, Radanovic will attend virtual training to learn about the federal legislative process and science funding, hear from ecologists working in federal agencies, and review policy and communication best practices before she meets with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

“We are living during a time of global change, and scientists have a social responsibility to push for positive change,” she said. “This will be achieved when scientists learn to effectively communicate with policymakers and the public. Voices in policy need to be diversified, barriers keeping people from science need to be torn down, and we need to work together for the greater good.”

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