Waterloo Institute for Complexity & Innovation

Living on the Precipice:

Interdisciplinary Conference on Resilience in Complex Natural and Human Systems

Date: May 16-17, 2017

Location: The University of Waterloo. Waterloo, Ontario,

Host: Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation with support from the Field’s Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The resilience of complex systems to disturbances is a topic of longstanding and continuing interest in academic communities including applied mathematics, ecology, environmental sciences, and the social sciences and humanities, among others.  Over the past few decades this research has led to both insights into real-world systems as well as policy improvements.  However, significant theoretical and empirical challenges remain, as well as challenges in improving policy.  This is particularly urgent for environmental systems where human influence is pervasive. This conference will bring together researchers and scholars interested in resilience in complex systems, with a special emphasis on natural, human, and coupled natural-and-human systems.   The objective is to advance the field by bringing together individuals trained in disparate disciplines working on both qualitative and quantitative approaches, so they can benefit from interdisciplinary conversations.  This conference will thereby deepen our understanding of resilience and help identify priority areas for future research.

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