UFRO 125th Anniversary Congress September 2017 in Freiburg, Germany

Call for Sessions Proposals


The Congress Scientific Committee (CSC) invites submissions of session proposals for the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) 125th Anniversary Congress, September 2017, in Freiburg, Germany.

In keeping with the congress title – “Interconnecting Forests, Science and People” – we invite proposals on all subjects related to forest research worldwide. This congress provides a platform for the exchange of science knowledge across the full range of forest and forest-related topics and scientific disciplines.

Recognizing that forests need to be seen in connection with other environmental and human systems, the CSC welcomes session proposals highlighting innovative research and interdisciplinary research approaches of relevance to forests. Moreover, sessions focusing on the transfer of scientific knowledge on critical global forest-related challenges to national and international political agendas are also encouraged.

Participation in the special IUFRO Congress is open to all individuals with an interest in forest science. Proposals can be submitted online at http://iufro2017.com/call-for-session

The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 June, 2016.


For more information
Andrew Liebhold, Chair Congress Scientific Committee

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